Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Today we will learn how to create a cartoon.

• Go to toondoo
• Follow carefully the instructions on how to open your own account
• Select your layout (you have three panels)
• Choose a character. Remember to always double click on the image.
• Then use your imagination to create the cartoon that you want.

Take a look at my Cartoon!!! To view the three panels just place your mouse on the first picture and double click on it and then slide the mouse.

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rajendran said...


We are so glad that you are using ToonDoo as part of your educational adventures.

As in Jambav, so in ToonDoo too, we have a special interest in making education interesting.

Feel free to write to us with any questions you might have, or if you are stuck at some place and want some clarification on how something works.

Do send us your feedback too. We would love to create stuff that especially fits your specific requirements.


ToonDude from www.jambav.com