Sunday, March 11, 2007

Welcome to Open Classroom

Dear Students,

This is a new way of using and learning English.

Let´s start by telling you something about myself.

I have been teaching for 12 years and studied three careers.
First I graduated as a Sworn Translator. ( Traductora Pública). It took me 5 years to graduate. As soon as I got married I decided to study a Postgraduate in Supervision and Educational Management. That was 2 years more after my graduate degree.
Once my first daughter was born I started another two year course at the University. As I worked everyday I had to attend classes on Saturdays. I graduated as a Univeristy Professor.

My favourite singer is Robbie Williams. I love the song Angels. I always listen to it when I go downtown to work by train. I couldn´t go to his concert because at that moment I had my second baby and I was breastfeeding her so I couldn´t leave her. I hope he returns to Argentina!!

What about you? What would you like to study? Who´s your favourite singer?

I´m very glad to be sharing this new space with all of you.


Rubén Darío said...

My name is Ruben Dario Casella. My favorite group is Red Hot Chili Peppers. I want to study architecture.

Spartak said...

Hello: My favouite singer is Aerosmith.
I´d to study all of this class with the computer.
I like ride the bike, i like do exercise and play to the computer.

flor said...

Hi,my name is Florencia, i like to play tennis, and also to play with the computer. My favorite singer is Shakira.

Bee said...

Hi Jennifer,
My favourite band is the Rolling Bones (hehehe) and I love blogging and connecting to other people online.

Maite said...

Hi this is Maite again. I studied philosophy and teaching education in EFL.(English Foreign Language). I like playing the piano and I have many favourite music groups and singers...among them Mana, Genesis, Dido or Keane. Bye for now. Maite

Dennis said...

My name is Dennis Oliver and I'm an online colleague of your teacher. I live in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.

It's exciting to know that Rubén, Spartak, and Flor are interested in using computers as learning tools. I wish all of them (and the other students, as well) todo éxito!

Dennis in Phoenix

Daniela said...

Hi, I'm Daniela. My favourite singer is Jesse McCartney - I particularly like "Best day of my life". I'd like to study ICT for language teachers...
Bye for now,

Paulina Florencia said...

hello:my name is paulina my favourite singer is Roby Williams.I like to study lenguge.
I like play tennis and play with the computer.

Paulina Florencia said...

Hi my name is Pulina i like to play tennis and go to swim,my favourite singer y Robye Williams.
I like to study lenguage.

Berta said...

Hello dear Argentinian friends. This is Berta, a Venezuelan in Toronto on sabbatical, my favorite groups are Linking Park and Nickelback and I love to play tennis like Paulina Florencia. I am a colleague of your teacher, Jennifer, who had the pleasure of participating with her in an online course recently. I wish you a wonderful course this term and hope to come back to read more about your class.
All the best, Berta

Anonymous said...

hello mi name is melanie. mi favorite group is catupecu machu, guasones and sumo. I practice patin. I like listen music and play to the computer.

María Rocío said...

Hello !!!! My name is Rocio. I have more than one grup of music. I don´t put all the grups that i have. I will put tow or three. My grups are Celine Dion, Gloria Estefan and Laura Pausini. I like to do hockey.

Nahir said...

Hi there,

My name is Nahir, and I'm a Venezuelan teacher of English in Caracas. Congratulations for using this blog for learning. I like using the computer a lot!

sofia said...

My name is Sofia Catalina Fernandez.My favorite singuer is Vicentico , I like play hamball and voley it is very nice . Sometimes I play with the computer.

sofia said...

Hi, my name is Sofia Catalina .My favorite singuer is Vicentico, I like play hambaal and voley it is very nice.Sometimes I play with the computer.Bye sofia

Tomas said...

My favorite group is Red Hot Chili Peppers.Y want to study maths.


Lariuss said...

I'm lara, one of yours students.
Well..In the future I would like to study "grafic desing", I love to use the program corel, fotoshop, etc.
My favourite singer,mmm... It's dificult...Really, I don`t have one, I listen to a lot of sorts of music.
Nice blog
Bye bye
See you soon

paulinitta said...

Hello berta,thank you for the comentary, im think that one we can go to play tennis jejeje.

see you...


pauli ,,,

pablo said...

hello: mi name is bruno and mi favorite band is dream theater , deep purple , withesnake and nightwish

pablo said...

hello: mi name me is bruno .Mi favorite band is dreamtheater, nightwish , withesnake