Sunday, November 4, 2007

Digital Scavenger Hunt

Hello Students,

Today we will talk about our Community: people, buildings, jobs, relationships, stores, parks, schools etc.

We will work in groups of four. You must complete 4 tasks:
1) Take a picture/ video of yourself or your group in a place where you feel happy, energetic, tired or inspired.

2) Take a pictures of the following businesses in your community:
a. somewhere people buy food
b. a place, where people style of cut their hair
c. a hospital, clinic, or doctor´s office
d. a place where people play sports

3) Take a picture of someone you admire. Describe the job that they do or their role in the community.
4) Take a picture of someone who has lived in the neighborhood since they were born.

I will be taking pictures of our class to later share it with our friends.
Have a great weekend
Miss Jennifer

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