Sunday, September 23, 2007

New York City Global Partners Junior

Dear Students,

As you know we will start working with the Project New York City Global Partners Junior .
We already spoke about the mission of Iearn and I would like you to know the following before we start working:

What is a Project?
A project is a structured interaction among students with specific discussion topics, activities and a final “product” that shares the learning and helps build a better world.

Where does the real communication take place?

We will communicate with other students through the Forum.

The following page will appear. Here you have to log in and enter the password I will give you.

You must enter this link everytime you enter the forum. You could also add it to your Blog.

What is the purpose NY Global Parnters Junior?

The goal of Global Partners Junior is to foster global understanding and communication between the youth of New York City and the youth of international cities through regular, web-based exchanges. It is a program of New York City Global Partners, Inc., the focal point in City government for international public sector and citizen exchanges.

How do I know what I´m supposed to do?

Our action takes place in our Wiki. Here you will find all the instructions on how you have to follow this project. Don´t forget that there are deadlines for every activity.

I hope you enjoy this project and learn lots of new things!!

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